Château Le Gardera Bordeaux Supérieur 2020

60% Merlot, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc, 2% Petit Verdot “Bordeaux Supérieur just so happens to also be made with organically grown grapes. Hard to believe! Organic grape Bordeaux wine in a bag in a box. I Love it already. The color is deep burgundy with a garnet hue at the edge. The nose is dense with black fruits and layered with a heady and warm cloak of velvety baking spices. The palate leads along with that velvet fruit with ripe lush tannin coating the top of the tongue which is followed by a tart tease of acid which leaves you practically begging for a second sip. This is a crowd pleaser in my world of hearty robust steaks, flanked by crisp potatoes doused in cheese- you want a wine that won’t get lost in the rich flavors but also won’t knock you out by adding to the decadence. Here you have an incredible wine that manages to deliver enormously big bold flavor but also adds in that characteristic acid we know and love from Bordeaux- making it a wine made to be enjoyed with food… Pair that with the fact that it’s organic and affordable- I’ll take three”. Crystal Faye Horton, Wine Director at Del Frisco New York Château Le Gardera This property is named after the Gardera family, owners during the reign of King Louis XIV, but the current château was built under Napoleon III around 1850. Cordier, a Bordeaux wine merchant, acquired the property in 1951. Retaining the vineyards, the company ceded the château and its park to an association that there founded a hostel for schoolchildren and apprentices. Today, the property is in the hands of the Gonfrier family. Philippe and Eric Gonfrier seek to give full expression to this rich terroir year after year. Sitting atop a rocky spur overlooking the Garonne River, this estate offers one of the region’s most renowned views.