Château Tassin Bordeaux White 2022

85% Sauvignon Blanc, 15% Sémillon

“It’s like… wait a second… This comes out of a bag in a box? And not only does it come out of a bag in a box…. It comes out of a chic wooden box with a clever and convenient rope carrying handle- for when you have to walk home from the wine shop. Look- I get that no one wants the (aghast) stigma of drinking box wine- but frankly, box wine has come a long way since the “Hearty Burgundy” and the “Delicious Red” that my Mom used to (ok- it’s possible she still does) drink.
The wine I have in my glass now is the Chateau Tassin Bordeaux Blanc which is a vintage 2018 (Yes, it’s a vintage wine in a bag in a box), it is an incredibly classic blend from the Bordeaux region comprised of Sauvignon 85% and Semillon 15%. I find the wine to be very well balanced with fruit and structure- a solid amount of acidity that is fleshed out and rounded off with the weight of the semillon.
I think this wine stands up easily to my favorite bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and has equally enough stamina to take on a sautéed salmon or- perfect in summer with zesty grilled shrimp. Hands down it is certainly a challenge to make a high quality wine at such an affordable price and not scrimp on the whole package. This wine delivers all of that.” Crystl Faye Horton, Wine Director Del Frisco’s New York

Château Tassin

Established in one of the oldest medieval villages in Bordeaux, Château Tassin, this family run estate overlooks the Garonne Valley. The Gonfrier family works close to the vine and maintains traditional methods of vinification, while constantly striving to create a superb product.